About VSO

VSO is working towards a world without poverty, where no one is left behind.

VSO’s vision is for a world without poverty. For 60 years we have brought people together through volunteering for development, a unique and effective way to address poverty and marginalisation.

By living and working in the poorest communities, VSO volunteers;

  • develop new, creative ideas for solving poverty from within communities themselves
  • build the confidence and ability of communities to take ownership of change
  • reach out to the most remote and excluded people

We focus on delivering positive change in three main areas:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Livelihoods

In addition, all of our programmes are underpinned by three core approaches – social accountability, resilience, and gender and social inclusion.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us here or check out our FAQs we're happy to help!

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Every time you shop with us, your purchase helps us to recruit, train and send expert volunteers to transform the lives of people in the world’s poorest communities.

Every year, supporters like you bring better education, healthcare, jobs and rights to millions across Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

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