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Choose from our range of VSO Gifts for Good and help families and communities all over the world fight poverty and build a brighter future.

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Gift-giving that feels good for everyone. Choose the gift that does good – for good.

How it works

Doing  Good is easy. Here’s how…


Our Gifts for Good range have the power to change lives, helping families and communities all over the world build a brighter future. Each gift is inspired by real projects helping real communities all over the world, so you know your gift is making a big difference. Click on the gift and change a life!


Each gift comes with a gift card for you to personalise with your happy birthdays, merry Christmases and heartfelt messages of love. We’ll even hand-write it for you, whatever the occasion. If you’d like to send the gift yourself, choose “Send to Self” and we’ll send you a blank card with envelop.


We’ll send the handwritten gift cards in the post for you or you can send them on yourself. Each card features a little story of the good your gift is doing and the families it’s helping. No unwanted gifts cluttering up the house!


Whatever gift you choose, you can feel confident in the knowledge that you’re making a big difference – laying the foundations for a brighter future and changing lives for families all over the world.

Our Promise

Every year, our programme teams work with local communities to identify which services and support are needed most, and then we turn them into VSO gifts. Your donation will go towards VSO’s work bringing people together to address marginalisation and poverty across all the 24 countries in which we work. To make sure we’re always helping the people who need it most, when you buy one of our VSO Gifts for Good your money will contribute to the full range of VSOs work, from programming to advocacy, fundraising, and campaigning.

Thank you!